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Conservation Tracking Platform


Lets get your data to Accelerate your Conservation Goals...

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Get a 360-Degree View of

Your Conservation Metrics

Data Science Acceleration

360-Degree view of your metrics using data science and intuitive dashboards to bring guaranteed insights into your conservation tracking. 

High performance Conservation tracking platform to administer conservation programs, utility organizations, and related CRM. Track conservation improvement metrics at  various segments and categories. with comprehensive interfaces, secure data upload, and interactive program functions without expensive IT cost and time.

Customizable workflows 

Customizable Modules on dedicated Test and Production configuration without upfront cost commitments

Full Customer Support

Free Migration tools to import your legacy data, business rules, and user profiles into this cloud-native platform

Cloud Hosted 

Hosted on AZURE Government Cloud and ORACLE Exadata infrastructures on high-available & secure SLAs.


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Track Energy

Savings Vs. Spending, Goal Vs. Actuals. Generate Compliance Letters, Performance Summary..


Track energy spending, energy savings, energy LineLoss factors, saving goals for different fuel types, spending by customer segment, conservation type, income qualified services, economic category, allowing utilities to submit CIP plans, calculate CIP savings, and report associated data to the State.

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A centralized platform that could cater to statewide utilities and 100s of users to record and perform numerous accounting and database utility functions...

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Guaranteed Cost Saving

Digital Transformation  

Agile Change Management


Capital Expenditure


Less Operational Expenditure




Customer Support


Capital Expenditure


Hours to Configure

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